About Us

Who We Are?

Experts in Market Access

* We are a team who brings a wealth of experience and skills in various business disciplines: market access, brand marketing strategies, data analytics in the Pharmaceutical industry to your table!
* We are a partner with Curo-Health (Switzerland) and Holmusk (Singapore/ USA) that are leaders in data analytics and digital health.
* Established access mindset and departments
* Led patient access capability building initiatives
* Passionate in providing quality care with affordable costs
* Led several commending cross-functional access projects

Local and International Experience

* Cumulative experience over 20 years in Pharmaceutical industry in different business disciplines and country scope. In addition we have wide experience in advertising agencies and retail pharmaceutical market that will help you find the optimum solutions to the market challenges with the best return on investment.

Business Development

Skilled in Business Developments and Partnering

* Extensive experience in new business development and key accounts management; we built different creative marketing projects from both marketer and supplier sides, which positively impacted the brands market presence.
* We are experienced in developing meaningful partnerships with the health authorities in different disease areas and projects based on their needs.

What We Do & Why?

* We provide tailored creative business solutions that match the challenges you face or maximize business opportunities.
* We do that because we believe we are able to help companies, with our knowledge, to lead the way in the dynamic and competitive business environment especially in the new era of big data and digital.

How We Do it?

* We hear you, understand the problem/ opportunity well, leverage insights, and engage different stakeholders then craft a project plan in a structured manner.
* We deploy recent technologies and tools. For example personalized medicine and treatment plans to improve patient outcomes.