Market/ Patient Access

Market/ Patient Access

Partnering with Healthcare Systems to enable and reach eligible patients to receive treatments and diagnostics with the best outcomes

Holistic Approach to market/ patient Access

- Economic and Market trends that shape access
- Access Hurdles along the buying process and patient journey
- Value Creation and Communication
- Access Strategy to address Infrastructure Barriers
- Informing Policy Priorities
- Innovative Market Access Solutions & Value Based Pricing

Market access services

Preparation of Value deliverables: Value Dossier, Negotiation Strategy, Objection Handler, Payer Launch pad, Budget Impact Models, …etc depending on the requirements and disease area.

Conducting Full Health Economics Studies:

- Cost Effectiveness Analysis.
- Cost Utility Analysis.
- Cost-Benefit Analysis.
- Cost Minimization Analysis.
- Budget Impact Models.
- Cost per Responder Analysis.

Training- Patient Access

Patient Access Capability Building

- Quantification of Patient Access Gaps.
- Identifying Patient Access Hurdles going into various pain-points in the buying process.
- Stakeholders Mapping.
- Objectives and Strategies.
- Patient Access Tactics.

Mock Negotiation Workshops

Market Access Emerging Models and Pricing Frameworks: Patient Access Programs, Managed Entry Agreements, Innovative Financing Solutions, Outcome Based Contractual Models

Training- Health Economics

- Economic Evaluation in HealthCare.
- Methods of Health Economics Evaluations.
- Modeling in Health Economics
- Health Technology Assessments.
- Outcome Research and Utilities.
- Value Based Pricing.
- Real World Evidence.
- Case Studies: Workshop to apply the concepts in real life situations.